Recent Events

Sunday 5th December

2nd Sunday in Advent


Today’s service is introduced by the duty elder, Don Macarthur and is led by the minister, Robert Jordan. Other voices you will hear  are those of Edith Watson who reads the lesson from the Gospel of Luke and also that of David Leadbeater who introduces the lighting of the second Advent candle.  The musical accompaniment to the service is given by Geoff Gleed the organist and choirmaster.


Music from the Choir

Introit: : “O Come Thou Redemeer of the Earth”   by M Pretorius

Anthem: “Angelus ad Virginem”   a traditional English carol

Order of Service 5th December 2021


Sunday 28th November

1st Sunday in Advent

This morning’s service took a slightly different format: we celebrated the 1st Sunday of the new church year with worship that was based on readings and carols for Advent – three great congregational hymns and some lovely singing by the choir. The service is introduced by the duty elder,  Don Macarthur and other voices you will hear are those of Geoff Gleed, who devised the service and   the readers, Steve Brain, Edith Watson and Jenny Powley;  the prayers of intercession were given my Mike Gordon. and the final blessing is by Stuart Benjamin.


Music by the choir

Advent  Responsary:  I look from afar  (Adrian Self after Palestrina)

Adam Lay Abounden      ( words 15 century  arranged Boris Ord)

The Truth from Above   (trad. arranged Vaughan Williams)

There is no Rose               (Graham  J. Ellis)

Order of Service ADVENT 2021


Sunday 21st November

“Law or Love ?”

Matthew 22: 23 – 40

Today saw the occasion of a pulpit exchange within our Partnership of churches and as you will hear in the recording, the Revd Mark Barrett of Bath Road  Methodist Church  led our worship. The  service  is introduced by our church secretary, Steve Brain,  who was duty elder  for the day and the reading from Matthew’s Gospel is given by Helen Marson. We are grateful to Shelly Morgan who provides the music for the service and leads the choir,  as Geoff Gleed was preaching  at Christ Church.

Music by the choir:

Introit: “Praise the God of all Creation”   by Marty Haugen

Anthem: “Wash  me Throughly”   by David Halls

Order of Service 21.11.2021


Sunday 14th November: Remembrance Service

“We need things to be different”

Isaiah 25: 1-10

Revelation 21; 1-5

 The recording of today’s special service for Remembrance Sunday is introduced by Anne Farrow who was our duty elder for the day; Tom Hartshorn’s is the voice you can hear in the Bible readings  and our prayers of intercession were devised and are  read  by John Blakesley .  The   organist and choirmaster, Geoff Gleed is in his usual role. The worship is led by the minister, Robert Jordan.

For those listening to the recording please note that there is the customary two minute silence  half way through the service,  when we link by radio to the cenotaph at Whitehall.

Music  by the choir:

Introit: ” Thou O Lord hast made us for Thyself”  – George Thalben-Ball

Anthem: ” Let us now praise famous men” – Ralph Vaughan-Williams

Order of Servivce 14 Nov 2021


Remembering our Loved Ones

For a number of years we have celebrated evening worship at Immanuel on Remembrance Sunday in a slightly special way: we remember all families who have lost loved ones  and who have passed  from our lives over the past two years  . Members of the deceased’s family  are invited to attend and during the service candles are lit in their memory.

In a very poignant service this year, a well attended  congregation listened as 53 names were read out. Afterwards friends and relations were able to join in a time of fellowship  over a cup of tea in the church hall.

May the light on Jesus shine on all who have been lost.

The Service was conducted by the Minister and the other voice that is heard is that of the duty elder for the day, Anne Farrow.

Remembering our LOved Ones 2021


Immanuel’s Book of Remembrance is always open 

Remembrance Day 11th November




Although the take-up was very low indeed in terms of numbers, Immanuel opened its doors for anyone who wished to spend a few minutes in silence at 11.00am on the 11th day on the 11th month. The floral arrangement at the front aided those who sought time to reflect.




Wednesday 10th November

Eco Church

Well, we finally made it! After months of discussing in various committees of the church,  a few weeks ago Eddie Thomas was at last  able to submit our application to A ROCHA UK  for consideration as an “eco church” and today we heard that we have been granted a bronze award.

This award is in recognition of what we as a fellowship have been doing in terms of  Worship and teaching, Management of buildings and land, Community and Global engagement, and in our Lifestyle.

Thanks are due to Eddie for his painstaking work in collating all the data and ticking what seems like countless boxes!  Next time a silver award perhaps ?


Sunday 7th November

Morning Worship

“A Little can be Everything”

Hebrews 7: 23 – 28

Mark 12: 28 – 34

Today’s service is introduced by Liz Gibney, the duty elder,  who also reads the Gospel reading. The Old Testament lesson is by Steve Brain and the service is  conducted by the minister, Robert Jordan. Geoff Gleed is back  from a short  break and is charge of today’s music.

Music by the choir:

Introit: “Blessed be His Glorious name” – George Thalben-Ball

Anthem: “Jubilate Deo” (O be joyful in the Lord) – Charles Villiers Stanford

Order of Service 7th November 2021


Church Meeting  7th November

In the first Church meeting held since early in 2020 the minister began with a statement of  thanks to all those who have worked so hard to maintain the smooth ruunning of Immanuel over the past 18 months or so.  (See the link below for the full text)

Thank you. November2021 (2)

As well as sharing news of the church family,  members formally ratified the actions taken by the elders as trustees of the church,  in terms of accepting the church accounts for 2019 and 2020 and other financial steps taken during the covid ‘lockdowns’. 

In addition,  amongst various items of business and reports, the meeting heard of steps being undertaken by the elders of Immanuel to support our sister church at Highworth, of work carried out towards Immanuel being recognised as an ‘Eco-church and of developments within our Partnership of Churches.

Sunday 31st October

Morning Worship

“On All Saints and our Christian Heroes”

Hebrews 7: 23 – 28

Mark 12: 28 – 34

With five Sundays in this month, we see today as an opportunity to give our hard-pressed minister a ‘day off’ and so we are very grateful to Stuart Benjamin for leading our worship.  The service is introduced by the duty elder, Mike Gordon,  and the readings are given by Pam Western, with the intercessory prayers being  led by David Leadbeater.  In terms of the music for today’s service, we are indebted to Shelly Morgan who is standing in for Geoff Gleed while  he takes a short break.  The soloist in the choir’s anthem is Tom Hartshorn.

Music by the choir:

Introit:  “Like a Candle Flame”  by Graham Kendrick

Anthem: “lead me Lord”  by S.S. Wesley   soloist, Tom Hartshorn

Order of Service. 31st Oct 2021



Sunday 24th October

Morning Worship

“Making bold to ask”

Jeremiah 31: 7 – 9

Mark 10: 46 – 52

From our sister  church in Highworth, we were pleased to welcome Bryan Elkington who lead our worship this morning. The  service is introduced by Mike Denton, the duty elder,  and  the lessons are read by Mike Gordon.

Music by  the choir:

Introit : psalm 103 in a setting by Walford Davies

Anthem: “Day by Day” (Prayer of Richard of Chichester)  music by Martin How

Order of Service 24th October 2021



Sunday 17th October

Morning Worship

“Asking for the right things”

Mark 10: 325 – 45 

Our service today is introduced by the duty elder, Eddie Thomas who also reads the lesson.  The intercessory prayers were devised by Revd Roy Lowes and are read by Wally Knight. The service which includes Holy Communion, is lead by the minister Robert Jordan.

Music by  the choir:

Introit :”Jubilate Deo”  – music from Taizé

Anthem: “Ave Verum”   by W.A. Mozart

Order of Service, 17th October 2021



Sunday 10th October

Morning worship

“The world in not enough”

Deuteronomy 26: 1-11

John 6: 25-35


With the minister preaching at Malmesbury today, we were grateful to Stuart Benjamen for leading our service this morning. It is introduced by Paddy Hayes who was the duty elder for the day and who also reads both of the Bible lessons.


Music by the choir:

Introit: “Laudate Dominum”  (Sing Praise and Bless the Lord) : music from Taizé

Anthem: “Rejoice  in the Lord Always”:  Christopher Tambling

Order of Service 10th October 2021



Sunday 3rd October

“A life-changing moment”

Ruth 2 and verses from chapter 4

Today’s service was special in more than one way: yes,  we were celebrating the harvest, with gifts being collected for later distribution to the Swindon Food Collective but we were also delighted to have the choir back with us and enhancing our worship. Their 18 month absence has made us appreciate them even more!  The service was led by the minister, Robert Jordan and the intercessory prayers were devised and led by Liz Gibney, who, as duty elder for the day also introduces the service.

In terms of the choir’s contribution, the soloist in the introit is Tom Hartshorn and the piano accompaniment is provided by Shelly Morgan. As ever, Geoff Gleed presides at the organ.

The music by the choir:

Introit “Thou visitest the Earth”- Maurice Greene

Anthem: “Look at the World” – John Rutter

As always were were grateful to the floral art team who put together some glorious arrangements.

As an  added bonus, tea and coffee were available afterwards in the hall and quite a few folk took advantage of the opportunity to meet up and chat at the end of the service. Its gradually becoming more like ‘normal’!!

Order of Service 3rd October 2021



Sunday 26th September: morning worship

“Transforming people”

Mark 7: 2-9

2 Corinthians 4: 1-6

With the minister, Robert, conducting worship at Highworth, today’s service was taken by Revd Geoff Gleed who also provided the music for the service on the organ. The recording is introduced by Steve Brain who, as duty chaplain,  also reads the lessons.  As an added bonus the worship  includes a solo by Peter Beale singing “If with all your hearts” from Mendelssohn’s “Elijah” .

Order of Service 26th Sept 2021



Sunday 12th September: morning worship

“And what will we mean?”

Mark 8; 27 – 33

Anne Farrow, as duty elder,  introduces today’s service and the reading is given by Edith Watson. Robert Jordan leads our worship and Geoff Gleed  provides the music on the church organ.

Order of Service 12th September 2021


Sunday 5th September : morning worship

“She is one amazing woman”

Mark : 7 : 24-30

Today’s service is introduced by Church Secretary, Steve Brain, who also reads the lesson  from Mark’s Gospel. The service is led by Revd Robert Jordan and the prayers (written by John Blakesley) are read by Wally Knight. Music is provided by Shelly Morgan.

Order of Service 5th September 2021


Friday 3rd September: choir practice resumes

From the outset, although we sat reasonably distanced in the prayer corner, we voted to remove face masks while we sang….and what an hour we had!

Before we started, it had seemed like an eternity since we had last sang together as a choir (well it had been 18 months!), but amazingly from the first hymn,  the sound of Immanuel’s choir echoed round  the church and it felt like only yesterday that we last raised our voices in praise.  It was a fairly short practice session but Geoff had selected a good range of hymns and anthems to run through: several hymns and then a few anthems – “There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy”, “Wash me Throughly”, “Lord Give me Faith”, Look at the World”….. and of course we had to see if could still cope with  a psalm to Anglican Chant (and we did!) To end the evening we ventured to sing Brewer’s setting of the “Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis” with full organ accompaniment, and I am sure that I was not the only one to have goosebumps by the time we reached the final chord!

Not only was it simply great to be singing together after such a long time, but there was a real sense of fun and friendship that we have missed.  As a choir it may be a few weeks before we are back leading worship from the choir pews, but if tonight was anything to go by, we shall be in good spirit and fine voice!

Thanks to Liz and John for the photos

29th August 2021: Morning Worship

Today we extended a very warm welcome to Revd Tony Barnes, a retired Methodist minister and former minister at Bath Road Methodist Church. The service is introduced by Liz Gibney, who was the minister’s chaplain for the day and who read the Old Testament Lesson from Exodus 4. The New Testament reading from the Gospel of Luke chpt. 13 is given by Geoff Gleed. There is also a responsive reading of psalm 116.


Order of Service Sunday 29th August 2021


22nd August 2021: Morning Worship

“The seesaw of Faith: Certainty and Doubt”

Being the fourth Sunday of the month, the minister was preaching at Highworth URC,  so we are grateful to Geoff Gleed who not only provided the music for the service  but also led our worship. It is introduced by the duty elder, Mike Gordon who also reads the Old Testament Lesson from Genesis 17. The New Testament reading from Mark 8  is given by Wally Knight;  the blessing at the end is spoken by Steve Brain.

The service includes Holy Communion towards the end, so there are so moments of quiet as the elements are being served prior to the final hymn.


Order of Service Sunday 22nd August 2021


15th August 2021: Morning Worship

Whatever the weather, come rain or shine, its holiday time…..”

This morning’s service is introduced by duty elder, Mike Denton, who also reads the lesson from Leviticus. The service is lead by Stuart Benjamin and the prayers of intercession were devised and read by David Leadbeater.  Shelly Morgan leads the music






Order of Service 15th August 2021


8th August 2021: Morning Worship

“Seeing the Light and following Christ”

Psalm 112 1-9

Matthew 5  13-20

Today we were grateful to Stuart Benjamin for leading our worship while the minister enjoys a little break,  down in Dorset. The service is introduced by the duty elder, Don Macarthur, who also reads the New Testament Lesson; the reading from Psalms is given by David Leadbeater.

Sadly once again the singing hasn’t recorded all that well – so apologies for that – our masks obviously limit the sound of our enthusiasm…. but with  luck it won’t be too long before we can dispense with them altogether!

Order of Service 8th August 2021




1st August 2021: Morning Worship

“Have we grown up?”

This morning’s service was the first time that we have allowed singing in the church for a very long time – unfortunately the recording doesn’t pick up the enthusiasm with  which we tackled the three hymns despite Geoff’s inspired playing on the organ!

The service is introduced by Paddy Hayes, the duty elder, who also reads the lesson from Ephesians 4: 1-16. The minister, Robert Jordan, leads our worship, the prayers of intercession are given by Liz Gibney and the additional reading of the adaptation of psalm 78 is by Steve Brain

Order of Service 1st August 2021


25th July : Morning Worship

“Know that God is always with you”

Sadly we were beset with technical problems today and there is no recording available of the morning service at Immanuel  …… a great pity as for the fist time in 15 months we actually had some congregational singing during the service that was led by Geoff Gleed.

18 July : Morning Worship

No longer…..”


Our worship today is led by the minister and is introduced by the duty elder, Eddie Thomas, who also reads the lesson from Ephesians. Our prayers of intercession were written by Roy Lowes and are read by Wally Knight.   Tom Wheeler, on vacation from Canterbury, accompanied by Geoff Gleed  on the piano, provided an anthem,  singing “Lord God of Abraham” from Mendelssohn’s ‘Elijah’ .



Order of Service 18th July 2021

11th July : Morning worship 




This morning’s service is introduced by the duty elder, Eddie Thomas who also reads the Gospel reading later in the service. The Old Testament lesson is given by Helen Thomas.   Our worship is led by Stuart Benjamin.

Order of Service July 11th 2021

We hope you will enjoy listening to the service and feel you are joining with the fellowship of worshippers at Immanuel.


4th July: Morning worship

What’s success

Today’s act of worship  is introduced by the duty elder, Steve Brain and  is led by the minister, Robert Jordan. The  two lessons for the day, from Ezekiel and Corinthians, are read by Steve Brain and Jean Batten. The prayers of intercession are given by Wally Knight. During the service Robert refers to the stunning flowers that decorate the communion table and which were arranged by Joyce Harrison of  our floral art team at Immanuel. (see right)

Order of Service 4 July 2021


27th June: Morning Worship

I wish it need not have happened in my time….

Today’s service is introduced by the duty elder, Steve Brain, who also reads the three lessons from Genesis, Jonah and the Gospel of Mark and our worship is led by Stuart Benjamin.

Order of Service 2021.06.27


20th June: Morning Worship


Today’s service , with the theme “We cannot walk alone“, marks the end of Refugee Week 2021. It is introduced by duty elder, Eddie Thomas who also reads the lesson from Mark 4. and is led by our minister. The prayers of intercession were prepared by David and Janet Leadbeater and are read by David.

Order of Service 20th June 2021


13th June : Morning Worship

The theme for the day was “Time takes time“and was based on today’s reading  from  Mark  4 26-34 

The service is introduced by David Leadbeater who also reads the lesson.

Today’s reflection by the minister refers to the photograph on the left which was displayed in the church for all to see and admire.


Order of Service 13th June 2021

At the close of the service the church meeting was held when there was an election of elders. The following members were duly elected to the position of Elder at Immanuel and will be inducted on July 4th during the morning service: Stephen Brain, Mike Denton, Anne Farrow, Liz Gibney, Mike Gordon, Paddy Hayes and Eddie Thomas


6th June: Morning Worship

The theme for the day was “Where are you” and the service was introduced by the duty elder, Paddy Hayes who also read the two lessons.  The sermon was given by the minister and the prayers (written by John Blakesley) were read by Wally Knight.

Order of Service 6 June 2021



23rd May: Morning Worship for Pentecost

It was a rather a dreary cold day but but the warmth of fellowship within the church was very real as we celebrated Pentecost Sunday. With Robert preaching his first service at Highworth since the end of the lock-down, Geoff Gleed stepped in to lead our worship at Immanuel (doubling up on the organ as well!). Below are links to a sound recording of the service and also to the order of worship.

It is introduced by Steve Brain

Reader: Pam Western :  Acts 11: 1-18


Order of Serice Sunday 2021.05.23


16th May: Normal Service Resumes…….

Well it may not have been as ‘normal’ as we might have liked, but even so, fifty members and friends gathered at church to mark a return to corporate worship.  Apart from the sheer joy of joining together for worship once more there was a real sense of delight as friends met up who haven’t seen each other for almost  six months.

If you would like to hear the service, below you will find  links to a sound file as well as an order of service.

The minister, Revd Robert Jordan, leads the service.

It is introduced by David Leadbeater who also does the Reading from John 17:6-19

The Prayers of intercession are given by Wally Knight.

Order of Service Sunday 16.05.21

A return to worship demanded something special from the floral art team and Liz Gibney (ever one to take up the challenge) came up with this delightful arrangement……

……. they are all blooms and foliage from members’ own gardens and by way of explanation:

Here we all are,

Gathered together in one place.

Picked, nurtured, cherished, chosen.


These flowers gathered from our gardens are like us.

Some bright, some muted;

Some weighed down, some supporting others;

Some raggedy and some ready to burst.


Their peace and beauty has brought us this far,

Has given us a focus through the long months.

And has brought us hope to start afresh.


1st May: Coffee Morning

There was an unfortunately low turnout for the coffee morning organised for this Saturday but seven of us joined with the minister to share ideas and opinions on how we will manage the return to worship at Immanuel in a few weeks time and how life is likely to be so very different in the future.

For the time being it is very hard to anticipate how things will turn out (and indeed how many people will turn up at services once we return to some sort of normality) but it was good to share.

It was lovely to be joined by former member at Immanuel, David Elliss (now living in Cornwall) – proving that there are benefits to be had from zoom meetings ! 

24th April

A very productive meeting took place on Saturday morning when 6 members of our ‘social media group’ met up on zoom with Hannah Fleming-Hill. All sorts of ideas and practical suggestions emerged from our discussions as to how we can improve our presentation of Immanuel to the local community on ‘facebook’ and this web-site. In addition we also began to investigate how we might be able to either  ‘live-stream’ (broadcast) or record our services so that folk can watch at home or wherever they might be.

10th April 

The group of members who have been considering how we can develop our skills in social media met on zoom once again to review the changes made to both the web-site and our Facebook page. Our thinking also moved to consider how we might  begin to film and even ‘stream’ our weekly acts of worship. Even if we are growing close to resuming corporate worship (16th May is not far off!) we feel there is a case to be made to ‘casting our net still wider’ and so we will be meeting up once again in the next week or so with our consultant (Hannah Fleming-Hill)  to see what we might be able to achieve.

1st April

Elders have been busy circulating paperwork and nomination forms for an election of elders.  Because of the national lock-downs last year we did not hold elections and are extremely grateful to those elders who agreed to continue to serve and addition year but clearly this is not a situation that can continue. We hope to hold an election in a short church meeting after the service on 16th May. Do please hold all the elders in your prayers at this time as they work to safely bring about a resumption of ‘normality’

9th March

With Easter only a few weeks away, the elders decided that it was time to send a message to the local community and as services are still not really possible a banner was thought to be the best way……

For the next month we hope our message will make an impact  on all who pass along Upham Road.

30th January 

A small group of members met up on zoom to explore how we might develop our skills and promote Immanuel a little more in  social media. With Hannah Fleming-Hill to guide us we spent half the morning considering our Facebook page and than another 90 minutes looking at the church web-site.

Already minor changes have taken place  and there are more in the offing. It was a very useful morning of considering how we can truly share the Good News to the wider community and build up our own faith. The lock-down  may well have had its problems but it has obliged us to start thinking ‘outside the box’……so as they say: “Watch this space!”


New Year’s Eve

It was at rather short notice, but a ‘zoom’ session took place on the afternoon of 31st December when  a dozen or so members and friends met up on line to share a few hours of chat and swap news.  We certainly enjoyed each others’ company  and there was a good deal of banter and leg-pulling! Although we didn’t exactly see the New Year in, we were able to exchange best wishes for what we all hope will be a better year ahead for all of us.

With the impending news of the 3rd lock-down we all said we’d like to meet up again in a similar way – so do  look out for notices on  the ‘What’s On’  page and the church news-sheet. It  really is not difficult to organise –  even with a smart phone  you  would be able to join in the fun!


Christmas tree in church

Thanks are due to the anonymous donors of the Christmas tree that was set up and decorated so beautifully in church this week. Although it is not as tall as some we have seen in past years (like Christmas itself this year it seems to have been  ‘cut down in size’) but it gladdens the heart….and I know it is greatly appreciated by so many in the congregation.


Sunday 27th December: 1st Sunday after Christmas

Recent changes in the covid  tier system seem to have had an effect on numbers attending worship but even so 30 or more members and friends were at church today to worship on a gloriously sunny (if chilly ) morning. We were able to hear some wonderful settings of Christmas carols (even if it wasn’t our own church choir singing) and Geoff Gleed who led the service gave  us a pause for thought that you can read on the ‘Reflections’ page  or simply hear by clicking on the sound file below. The duty elder is Paddy Hayes and readers are Robert Jordan and Steve Brain.

Order of Service 27 Dec.2020

Sunday 20th December: 4th Sunday in Advent

Following the pattern set last week, today’s worship took the form of a shortened form of ‘Lessons and Carols’ that also included the service of Holy Communion. Below you will find links to the recording as well as the order of service. The minister leads our worship and duty chaplain introducing the service is David Leadbeater; in addition others taking part are Tom Wheeler, Anne Farrow, Steve Brain, and Peter Beale. The intercessory prayers were devised by Avril  and Roy Lowes and read by David Leadbeater.

Order of Service 20.12.2020

Note: there were some problems with the sound recording (mostly with Robert’s microphone) and you may need to adjust the sound level on your computer/ i-pad but bear with it as the service is a lovely start to the Christmas.

Sunday 13th December: 3rd Sunday in Advent

Our Sunday worship took a slightly different format today : inasmuch as we will be unable to hold our traditional ‘Lessons and Carols’ services in the run-up to Christmas, today and next week are by way of a replacement – special readings and more singing to listen to! Contributions  (other than our minister) come from  Jane Whitworth, Lindsey Miller, Pam Western, Liz Gleed, Geoff Gleed, and Liz Gibney.

Unfortunately the notices at the start, given by duty elder, Mike Denton were unrecorded and the service begins with an introit, “The Song of the Madonna”, sung by Jane Whitworth.  Here are the links to the order of service and the recording:

Order of Service 13.12.2020

Saturday 12th December: ‘virtual coffee morning’

Following the series of social events organised earlier in the year a ‘coffee and mince pies’ morning was offered to the congregation and a fair number of the members and friends gathered on ‘zoom’ to share 90 minutes of chat , swapping news of others in the church family. 

As one might well expect there was a good deal of friendly banter as Christmas cheer dominated the proceedings.

(Apologies for the blurred screen shot – I’d only been drinking coffee – honest!)

A new banner for Immanuel

The elders’ meeting on Thursday 3rd Dec decided that, with Christmas approaching, we ought to send out a message to the surrounding neighbourhood:  but given the restrictions of being in ‘tier 2’ it seemed we would be  limited as to what we could feasibly do, so we hit on the idea of a new banner….in less than a week it is in place and being admired and commented on by lots of passers-by.

We hope you like it!

Conversations between ministers

Our Immanuel ‘Facebook’ page now has five   conversations that  are worth following if you can access the site. It is quite fascinating listening in to the chat between Mark Barrett and our own Robert, good friends as well as fellow ministers.

Alternatively you can use the following link:

Sunday 6th December: 2nd Sunday in Advent

After the month-long lock-down, our pattern of worship has resumed and so please find below the links  to both the recording of today’s service as well as the order of service.

Order of Service 06.12.2020


Sunday 29th November: Advent Sunday

Here are links to an Advent service  that was specially recorded by the minister and a group of members together with the associated order of service which contains the words of the readings and hymns. We hope you enjoy listening to it.

Order of Service 29.11.2020 Advent I

Wednesday 11th November 

Armistice Day

We had a special moment on 11th November where between 10:30 – 11:30 the church was open for private prayer, and the 2 minute silence at 11:00

This was a moving time for those who were present.

(The photo on the right was taken in the quiet of the church  on Wednesday morning).




Some of you may have spotted that the tree standing at the front of Immanuel is in its full autumn glory at the moment and helps remind us that even in these difficult days, there is still much to give thanks for in God’s wonderful world.

Sunday Worship 1st November

This morning’s worship was conducted by our minister; the duty elder and reader was Tom Hartshorn, and the prayers , written by Janet and David Leadbeater, were read by Liz Gibney. Links to  both the sound file and order of service are below:

Order of Service 1 Nov 2020


Sunday Worship 25th October

This morning’s service was conducted by ‘our own’ Geoff Gleed, who also officiated at the organ: we are so fortunate to be able to call on him from  time to time. Robert was preaching at our sister church at Highworth that has now resumed a regular pattern of worship. 

In terms of the the recording of the morning service there was a minor ‘glitch’ half way through but it was soon resolved, so do not adjust your set! The service is introduced and the reading given by Steve Brain. A link to both the sound file and the order of service is below:

Order of Service 25.10.20


Sunday Worship 18th October

Unfortunately the recording of the morning service today failed, so we have no record of the service that was taken by Eric Hewitt of Bath Road who came to us as part of the Partnership ‘pulpit exchange’.

Sunday Service 11th October

Below are the links that will take you to a recording of our morning worship today and also to the order of service (which will give you the text of the reading as well as the words of the hymns).  The minister’s chaplain, who also gave the reading from Exodus, is Paddy Hayes.


Order of Service 11.10.20


Harvest Sunday 4th October

In contrast with a traditional display of flowers and produce, this year saw a much simpler presentation and service – perhaps more in keeping with the times in which we live. Nonetheless, led by the minister, we did indeed celebrate God’s bounty to us in  a range of beautiful music, hymns, readings and poems. If you care to use the link  below you can share with us and follow the order of service that is also available. Other than the minister, voices you will hear are those of Mike Gordon (duty elder), Steve Brain, Jean Batten and Jane Whitworth (who led our prayers of intercession.)

Apologies for the slightly annoying hum that affects the lectern microphone!

Order of service 4.10.20



Sunday Service 27th September

Here are the links that will lead to a recoding of this morning’s service at Immanuel and also to the order of service withthe reading. Unfortunately there is an extended pause at the start and the duty elder’s announcements (Francs Strange) have been  cut. The reader is Pam Western.

Order of Service 27.09.20



Sunday Service 20th September

Below you will find  links that will lead directly to a recording of the morning service today as well as the order of service. We do hope it will bring you all closer to the life of Immanuel.

Order of Service – 20.9.20


Sunday Service 13th September

As Robert reminded us this morning, this is the 6th Sunday that we have been able to resume our worship and a new sense of normality is now beginning to set in: below please find the liink that will provide you with a recording of the service. There is also a link to the order of service that includes the words of the reading and the hymns. We do hope it will bring you all closer to the life of Immanuel.


Order of Service – 13 Sept 2020



Sunday Service 6th September

Below is the link to the recording of last Sunday’s service at Immanuel; simply click on the start ‘arrow’ on the left to hear the service.

Note: there is a slightly long ‘run-in’ prior to the start of the service, so don’t be put off by the silence! Below please find the link to the order of service that also includes the words of the hymns and the reading.

Order of Service – 6 Sept 2020